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How Much Should You Pay For a Wedding Dress?

Posted by Diva on November 3rd, 2007

I had my mind made up, I was going to spend as little as possible on a dress.

I started looking for dresses at non-wedding places like JCPenney, Target, and Jessica McClintock. Yes, Target sells wedding dresses. All I needed was a white dress, right? Besides, what are you supposed to do with a wedding dress after the wedding?

Halfway into my search I noticed that all the dresses were ugly so I couldn’t go that route. It was time for Plan B. I thought that if I ordered a dress online then I’d be able to get a pretty dress without spending an arm and a leg. My mother thought that was a terrible idea and that I needed to try on many dresses before I bought anything. We went to the bridal store, I fell in love with a dress, and I bought it then and there; without even thinking about the cost. Add in the overpriced undergarments that went with it, and I spent a lot more than I planned on. But in hindsight it was worth it.

So how much should you spend on a wedding dress?

Spend what you can afford. If you can afford a $6,000 designer dress then go for it; as long as you are comfortable with it. If that’s way out of your league then you can find plenty of nice dresses that are only a few hundred dollars. Maybe your entire budget is a few thousand and even a few hundred is too much. Try something different. Those dresses aren’t my style but it may work for you.

Whatever you choose, it’s up to you. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about the choice you make. Trust me, people will try.

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Reader Comments

When I was shopping for a wedding dress, I didn’t even look at prices (but I made sure to shop at stores that I knew an average price was within my budget). I wanted to look drop dead gorgeous on my wedding day and so I was getting the dress I wanted! (And I did at only slightly over budget.)

As much as I hate to admit it…it is sooo worth it to get an awesome dress. The cost can be a bit discouraging but it’s worth it when everyone is stunned with how beautiful your dress is.

Yes, you should get a pretty nice wedding dress.. After all, your wedding day only happens once in your lifetime.. hopefully… Cheer!s

You are so right about it being worth it to get a dress that you love. Most brides are worried about making sure their guests have a good time, but it’s your day and the more comfortable you feel, the more fun you will have. Find a dress that makes YOU happy- not your mom, not your guests, not your fiance.

Completely true. This is the day that should only happen once. The dress in one of the most important parts if not the most important parts of the whole day. When looking back at the photos and video, you want to look good.

I was getting mine off ebay - then i went bridesmaid dress shopping and my bf said I had to try on dresses coz it’s all about having fun. The third one I tried on I didn’t want to take off now it’s all mine and I’ll be wearing it in 8 weeks. I will always remember phoning h2b to check it was ok to use wedding fund til i got paid he nearly had heart failure when I told him the deposit price lol Men ay!! But I did get 500 off so had it 800 instead of 1300!! Don’t you love end of season sales.

I bought my dress at a sample sale for $2,500, but I think I would have paid - okay, my mom would have paid - the full retail price of $9,000. I loved the dress so much I think I could have justified the price. Am I crazy to think that $9,000 for a wedding dress is acceptable?

Oh great its very cheap wedding dress.

this article is the best for such people who spend a lot on wedding dresses.

I need quality. Money doesn’t netter for me.

I can pay every thing for my wife’s wedding dress.

I need very cheap dress.

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I need wedding dress most beautiful. Because I cannot compromise on quality. I can pay also more money for it.

people can afford to get married if they just booked the local town hall and did it there. However i totally understand there are some people who can’t even do that. It’s a shame…marriage is a wonderful thing.

Well, I think that depends on everyone salary.

If you are fine with the fact that the most important dress you will ever wear is possibly subpar, then sure - go ahead and skimp on the dress.


Ladies, let’s get serious here - buy the dress OF YOUR DREAMS. Sure “you’ll only wear it once” - that’s why it’s so important that you pick the PERFECT one! If you’re actually considering trying to save money on this, you are probably better off staying a bitter old maid.

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Weeding dress should be well prepared. Price is not fact for weeding dresses i think. So we must consider all kind of customer. Then a good prices made will be easy.

For a wedding dress you should pay as much as you afford. I do not know why do people always but expensive wedding dresses.. You wear it only once.

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You should pay for what makes you happy, same applies for bespoke jewellery and diamond engagement rings

Always try to get the best for your money, it’s easy to pay over the odds for whether you’re looking for red wedding dresses or any other bridal gowns. If you’re just starting out think of a number and double it!

I bought mine fr 7000$ it’s not that cheap but it’s not too expensive. Just perfect.

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Wedding is always been a part of our life,and it is consider to be the one of the important occasion in the life,so everyone wants to be dressed differently.

What your saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand.

What your saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand.

I want to say that for brides who have an extravagant budget, expect to pay $ 6000 and up for a designer wedding dress custom made just for you. A seamstress will work with you to precisely fit and design the gown around your body. Most of the work will be done by hand.Oh, and don’t forget that you’ll have well known designers and an au courant design. write my essay, custom book report

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I’ve never held with the attitude that you should pay as much as you can for a wedding dress. True, you want to look your best but remember the dress, no matter how much you love it will only be worn once. Now things are different if you are a celebrity or a princess, but for us average girls I figure if you’re comfortable and pretty what does it matter how much it costs.

Thanks for the great advice. The costs for weddings can go so high sometimes, with money needed to be spent on wedding decorations, wedding favours, flowers etc. However, you are right that we should choose what we are most comfortable with. After all, it is our most important day of our lives! I am glad that you made a choice you did not regret!

There are so many choices today that no wonder brides-to-be get stresses out over their dresses. Rule is, once you see something you like, stick to it and look no more. If it is too expensive, find or rent a similar one that is cheaper.

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Well when it comes for a wedding dress I would say that the cost don’t matters everyone wants the perfect dress for them.

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Weddings days are special and you have to consider How Much Should You Pay For a Wedding Dress

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